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  • Date:

     February 18, 2016

  • Position:

     Registered Forest Professional

  • Industry:


Grew up in Saudi Arabia and was a Ellis (’04) grad. Earned a B.A. Honours in History at Trent University while spending summers tree planting. There happened to be more work in forestry then in history so I ended up working all over BC on various silviculture projects.

I returned to school and earned a Forest Technology Diploma at Selkirk College and a Masters at UBC. After planting 700,000 trees and supervising the planting of many more I started full time work as forest professional for a lumber manufacturing and bio energy company located in Mackenzie, BC.

As a Registered Forest Professional I plan out future harvest units on a landscape and site level.  This can involve ecological assessments, timber valuation, wildlife assessment, road engineering, First Nations consultation, and contract management among many other aspects.