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I graduated from Brentwood in 2001. After completing an undergrad in the states and a graduate degree at UBC, I finally settled on Nursing, completing a Masters degree at McGill.  At McGill, I had the privilege of studying Global Health, completing a good part of my degree in Malawi doing research and clinical practice.  Since 2012, I have been working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in challenging and complex environments.  I currently work as the Clinical Coordinator in a Transitional Housing Program.  I like to brag that I am a nurse who has never worked in a hospital: instead, my interest lies in providing community healthcare to folks who experience barriers to accessing health care, be it as a result of their socioeconomic status, health condition, or cultural background. 


My presentation will focus on dispelling myths about the profession of nursing, explaining the different types of nursing that exist within British Columbia, and the most exciting parts of the nursing work that I have done in BC and abroad. I will also provide a brief educational moment about an evidence based public health initiative that is saving lives across British Columbia.