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  • Date:

     February 18, 2016

  • Position:

     Criminal Defence Lawyer

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After leaving Brentwood College, I attended my undergraduate degree in criminology at Carlton University and Simon Fraser University. I obtained my law degree at University College London, University of London, England. Upon my return to Canada I completed my Accreditation at the University of Victoria Law School. I commenced my career as a Crown Counsel prosecuting criminal cases. Needing more flexibility with my schedule, I left government and started work as a criminal defence lawyer.

As both Crown and defence, my career involved trial work in cases from simple assaults and impaired driving cases to murder trials. I was one of the defence lawyers involved in the first ever televised jury trial in Canada. I continue to do a small selection of criminal cases to this day however my practice has changed focus to civil cases and I now litigate in the area of matrimonial law. I have litigated in all levels of court in Canada.

I am a partner in a small law firm and have run my own business for 18 years.


I will discuss briefly, my educational path and what life events lead me to become a lawyer. I will discuss why I believe that litigation is a fantastic career that provides variety and diversity of subjects, social interactions and challenging problems. I will share a few examples of interesting cases I have been involved in. I will talk about what I would do differently, had I to do it again. I will discuss what I see as current difficulties within the profession, for students wanting to become lawyers. I believe that the greatest learning experience is one that you shape yourself and therefore my talk will be interactive for students with ample opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.