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After graduating as a “Lifer” at Brentwood, Brian proceeded to the University of Waterloo. During his undergraduate degree, he spent time working in Japan, Wall Street, and Bordeaux, France. He further continued his global technology experience by moving to Costa Rica and Panama where he helps create next generation consumer and digital products for his clients. His projects include 5 globally distributed Android tablets, award winning E-readers, and a side project with some guys from Buffalo that won an award from NASA. Brian explains what its like to be a digital pioneer with a global perspective.



Brian’s talk is titled “Why chase Decacorns when you can ride your own horse? An exploration into the digital marketplace.”

His talk will focus on how technology has progressed in the last few decades, explain some of the trends he has seen and experienced in digital hubs such as Toronto and Silicon Valley and how you can become a working digital professional and/or entrepreneur wherever you desire. He will trace the dot-com frenzy of the late 90’s, the tech-bubble bursting, and subsequent start-up environment. He will also speak to how the tech giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon address and leverage a global market, but also how you can ride atop their shoulders to create your own destiny.