Charlotte Wilson

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  • Date:

     February 17, 2018

  • Company:

     College of Registered Nurses of BC

  • Position:

     Registered Nurse

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     2018, Health, Nurse

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Occupation: Registered Nurse



Charlotte is a Registered Nurse working in Internal Medicine and Detox/Mental Health and Addictions Services at the Victoria General and Royal Jubilee hospitals in Victoria, BC. Her journey started as a science and music student at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON and part way through her degree she switched into the nursing program. She specialized in emergency nursing for her final practicum in Ontario and is planning on returning to this type of work in the future. Nursing is a profession with endless opportunities for growth and continued education and can provide fulfillment by partnering with individuals and families during their hardest times.


Talk Synopsis:

I would first like to share my experience as a nursing student in Canada and the transition into the professional/working world. I will address the importance of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare settings and how this plays a part in the daily routine at work while helping to grow my knowledge-base and improve my quality of practice.

As I have experience in both community and hospital settings (smoking cessation and harm reduction, outpatient gynecological services, inpatient medical and surgical floors, labour and delivery, neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, detox and mental health, and emergency) I will briefly describe these experiences and open the floor to questions and conversation in comparing and contrasting these areas of nursing.

Another important part of my experience thus far is finding work-life balance while growing in my career. I would like to share how nursing can be a great option for those who strongly value work-life balance.


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