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Occupation: Sustainable Farmer



At Blue Roots Farm, CEO & Co-Founder Dan Adelman, is doing his absolute best to address today’s challenging global issues. A large part of the farm consists of a greenhouse based controlled environment agriculture system lets us produce food year round, outside of the effects of climate change. And because the farm abides by organic practices they are able to provide fresh sustainably grown produce to the local market which relieves some of the pressure created by importing unsustainable food from other places.

Blue Roots Farm is on a mission to help create a strong and independent food system for our region. We contribute to this mission by growing a year-round supply of safe and healthy food. We are doing all of this because we can see a future where conventional agriculture is risky business due to changes in climate conditions around the world. We think that people should have the choice to eat food that is grown in a truly sustainable way. We believe in transparent food systems. And we want to be a shining example of a company that creates positive social change in their community.


Talk Synopsis:

Despite Vancouver Island’s rich history of food production the modern system is almost completely reliant on importing food from other regions. Many places now face severe food production challenges due to climate change. As people become more aware of the issues associated with the current global food production and distribution model we want to be able to provide a sustainable product that addresses these issues.


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