Dan Cvitanovich

Presenter details:

Dan grew up in Vancouver and has Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.  He has worked for a chartered bank and a large heavy equipment dealership with roles in lending, finance and credit management.  During this period Dan enrolled in the CGA course of studies to become an accountant.  While working as a comptroller for a heavy equipment company Dan became involved in the development of software.  This new field was of great interest to him and he became an installer, trainer and eventually a special projects developer for a firm that sold mid-range accounting software.  While working with the accounting software company, Dan developed a number of businesses, one of which evolved into eOmni.  Since 2008, Dan has been devoting his full time and attention to eOmni.

eOmni is a Vancouver Island-based software company, with operations in Vancouver and Toronto.  eOmni creates, markets and supports its own line of accounting and business management software suites.  The company focuses on providing solutions for the real estate industry, specifically real estate brokerages, property management and strata management companies.  The company currently has clients operating in 5 provinces and 6 states.  The company is about to release software that has the rules staff use to perform their duties embedded into it, delivering solutions able to replace human bookkeepers and accountants with computer intelligence.