Dean Hachamovitch

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Occupation: Software Developer



Dean Hachamovitch is a former corporate vice president in charge of the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft

Dean was born in New York City and holds a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Harvard University.

He joined Microsoft after graduating from Harvard in 1990, and has worked as a product unit manager for, part of Microsoft’s online gaming branch. He had also worked on Microsoft Office. Later, he became the general manager of the Internet Explorer Team. During his time on the IE team, he was promoted to Corporate Vice President before later leaving for a new role at Microsoft in November 2013.

During his career at Microsoft, Dean has been involved in the invention of several technologies which were subsequently patented by Microsoft, including AutoComplete, AutoCorrect and progress animation.


Talk Synopsis:

Dean worked in the software industry for 24 years on products like Word for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. He still enjoys programming in small doses. Dean scraped out a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He was involved in the invention of, and shares the patents on, things like AutoCorrect and red squiggles under misspelled words. He shares credit with two other people for killing Clippy. In addition to being Ben’s dad, he likes big dogs.

In his sessions, Dean will offer brief observations on an accidental career and engage in conversation, not a lecture, to offer a cheat sheet on the transition from high school student to taking science and renaissance lit classes in uni to working in an increasingly tech world.


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