Presenter details:

Position: Carver, Woodworker

Company: The Art of Don Bastian



Hailing from Southern Alberta, Don spent childhood summers on the West Coast, where he became captivated by its beauty and dreamed of relocating to its shores.

Giving in to his love of the West Coast Don now resides on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia Canada. With a background from the Alberta College of Art, it was natural for Don to mix his carpentry skills, experience as a display carpenter for the Hudson Bay Company, with his love of art.

For several years Don and his wife Denise owned and operated the fabled West Coast Wood Designs Gallery in Sidney, B.C., where Don became known as “That Wood Guy in Sidney”. Don has since returned to his Sidney home studio, where his work is available by appointment. Don’s furniture, retail displays, carvings and sculptures have won him several Awards and Accolades.


Talk Synopsis:

A brief chat about how I got here, and then dive right into what works in the neighborhood for work/sales and expectations. I would like to highlight the ability to adapt with your works to the area you wish to live in; its artistic ethics and its impact on your own perceptions.

Art is about Risk. Do what you love and the money will come…eventually.