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Occupation: Commercial Mariner

Company: Riverside Marine, BC Ops (V2V Vacations), and Ocean Ecoventures Ltd.



I’m many things but first a father. I’m also a brother, a son, friend to some, and a global citizen. I love where I’m from and I want to share my BC backyard with everyone, so now I work and explore in the outdoors, before tall trees, and on cold seas as a Commercial Mariner.

I was born in Vancouver and raised in a quiet rural town on a small island in the archipelago that is the San Juan Islands, just southeast of Brentwood College. This is the Canadian Boarding School where I would call home as a boarder, growing up in yet another community, rich and diverse with new opportunity as I lived on campus in Ellis House: Ellis House? It Rocks.

I’ve enjoyed a few careers in the Service Industry, and several sectors of Forestry, with a lengthy entrepreneurial education in Apparel, leaning heavily on the Sales & Marketing side. I founded a BC Clothing Label and built up a local sales agency to market and distribute it. It’s how I fed my family.


Talk Synopsis:

My story is about how chasing a dollar to raise a daughter has led me through a life of variety as I journey a tapestry in realized potential, often seizing opportunities through perseverance during times of adversity while soaking it up and drinking in all of life’s wonderful uncertainty.

So, if life is uncertain and change is inevitable, everywhere I’ve gone, everything I’ve done, and everyone I’ve met…makes me who I am today. In terms of Sustainability, I understand that my generation is borrowing from yours – from future generations – so my intent is to live my life fully and when I go, to take only the love…leaving only the memories.

Life is good, but it’s better…on the water! So, I’d have to say that my current career as a Commercial Mariner, with its invited and omnipresent diversity in experience, remains my favorite. At least, so far. After all…the day’s not done, yet!


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