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Hans Harn (Class 2001) is now a post-doc medical researcher at University of Southern California, LA. In Brentwood he was an avid mathematician and scientist, though was very average in biology. Played tennis and basketball, rowed, performed in 2 musical theatre plays and sculpted a few projects. Was determined to become a medical doctor at Mc Gill University before a spinal injury derailed his agenda. Yet through suffering and reflections he rebuilt his career on the foundations of his passions for the human body and sports, and moved to Taiwan to learn about his roots and its history. He eventually became a PhD in the fields of biomechanics, physiology, and regenerative medicine. Currently Hans’ job description constitutes of learning from the nature while working in the lab, and travelling across different continents for research meetings and collaborative projects. Still lives an active life style, he participates in various triathlon events and hikes wherever he goes. In his free time he works with Taiwanese hip hop artists with lyrics, interviews, and gigs in English speaking worlds. “To live a holistic life, a scientist should be nerdy, athletic and cool at the same time.”

Hans’ winning project at World Congress of Dermatology 2015

One MV of the hip hop artist Hans’ working with


I will talk about what is it like to live an everyday life as a full time medical scientist in and out of the laboratory, and how I expand my non-academic life to keep all elements in balance. I will also share the courses and activities I did at Brentwood, how I decided my major in sports medicine, and how they contributed to my research career and holistic life of today. This sharing would be ideal for students with multiple-talents and interests in science, travel, sports and others yet uncertain of what to decide for the future.