Presenter details:

  • Date:

     February 22, 2017

  • Company:

     Delta Airlines

  • Position:


  • Industry:

     2017, Aviation

Ian grew up in Victoria and when he graduated from SMU he was convinced that he wanted to be an orthodontist. He began studying biochemistry at UVic and realized that he preferred to fly airplanes. After finishing his degree he started working as a pilot flying newspapers and prisoners back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver. This experience eventually led to the airlines and he ended up based in Hong Kong. He joined Delta Airlines in 2001 and was promptly furloughed. He used this opportunity to go on a seven year adventure. He spent the first few years decompressing in the waterfalls and surf of Brazil and climbing mountains all over the world. Once he had grown restless to work again, he became a social entrepreneur in the Amazon sending frozen fruit pulp to juice companies in North America. Eventually, after a rewarding yet taxing few years in the forest, he happily returned to flying and now lives once again in Victoria. He is currently an instructor pilot with Delta Airlines and flies the Airbus A330 out of Seattle.

In his talk, Ian will share his experiences in establishing a career in the aviation industry. He will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of his job and will emphasize a personal ethos of always following one’s passion in life, remaining open to new experiences, and finding ways to be of benefit to others.