Juan S. Navarro

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Occupation: Researcher, Educator, Entrepeneur



Juan Navarro is a researcher, educator and entrepreneur. As a researcher, his analytic reports have been issued by universities, research centres and leading institutions such as the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, the University of Calgary and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT).  As an educator, he holds more than 10 years’ experience teaching in Business Schools of Universities, he is currently an associate professor at Royal Roads University and recently joined the Study Group Organization which is a global company promoting International Education. As an entrepreneur, his international trade company named Arriba Mexico Food Co. was acknowledged as one of the top five companies in the province at the SBBC Awards in 2016; whereas his company CMX Partnerships has been dedicated to promoting business opportunities, organizing trade missions and encouraging collaborative agreements between Canadian Institutions and counterparts abroad.

Navarro volunteers for Futurpreneur Canada where he offers advice and mentoring to young entrepreneurs; he is member of the Canadian International Council and he is member of one panel of experts of the World Bank Institute assessing high impact entrepreneurial projects. He has organized international initiatives such as the Mexi-Can Forum: Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship, The Hispanic Literature Tour, and he is the founding president of a non-profit organization named the Society of Mexican Talent in British Columbia. Before moving to Canada, Navarro served for 10 years as an economist at the Central Bank in Mexico analyzing regional economies, completing analytic reports and working as a liaison person with local governments, industry associations and stakeholders.


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Presentation Title: Put Magic in your life

Life is too good to waste time and not enjoy the journey. We have to take every second as a great opportunity to appreciate, to grow, and to contribute with others. It is our very own decision to put magic that touches our everyday lives and why not share that magic with family, friends, and community? We can do that in every role that we play; there is no unique and perfect formula to achieve it. Juan Navarro will share with the audience his life experience, from growing in a traditional Mexican Family to facing the challenges of moving to a new and unknown country.


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