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  • Date:

     February 22, 2017

  • Company:

     Chrenek Dion & Associates

  • Position:

     Portfolio Manager

  • Industry:

     2017, Finance

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Kevin Chrenek is a Portfolio Manager with Chrenek Dion & Associates – an investment group that manages approximately $700 Million for clients across Canada.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Kevin spent two years with a division of Dow Chemical and then returned to University of Alberta for a Master of Business Administration degree. While enrolled in the School of Business, Kevin founded Varsity Consulting Group for the U of A, was President of the MBA Association, and served as a member of the Business School’s admissions committee. Kevin joined RBC Dominion Securities as an Investment Advisor in 1994.

Kevin has been a member of RBC’s Executive Council since 2006 and was appointed Vice President of RBC Dominion Securities in 2008. He also acquired the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute – the Institute’s highest mark of distinction – and the designation of Portfolio Manager in 2011. He recently served as Chair of the RBC Dominion Securities Advisory Board, facilitating new initiatives with the CEO of RBC Wealth Management.

Kevin is an avid golfer who also enjoys playing drums and guitar in his spare time. He and his wife Debra have two daughters (Nicole and Veronica) who are currently attending Brentwood.



“Wall Street”, “The Big Short”, “Barbarians at the Gate”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and “Too Big to Fail”. Although fun to watch, these Hollywood productions aren’t a completely accurate portrayal of the investment world. Contrary to the theme of these movies, Investment Management is an amazing career for a person with integrity.

From High School to Science to Finance, my career path into the Investment World has been anything but direct, and the skills I picked up along the way were from some of the most unexpected sources. One of the best aspects of a career in Portfolio Management is that there are many different paths that can lead you there. The key is to pick the path that is right for you.

I have been investing money for wealthy clients since 1994 and have observed skills that most successful Investment Managers share. You will probably be surprised by some of them.

In this session, I will:

  • Describe my path to becoming a Portfolio Manager
  • Highlight the skills that are the most important for a successful career in managing money
  • List university courses that have been instrumental in my career – even though I thought they would be useless
  • Point out the common characteristics of my wealthy clients
  • Explain what successful Portfolio Managers have in common with Jimmy Fallon

I’ll also leave plenty of time for questions during the session