Presenter details:

“Owner and stylist/designer at Beachology in Cowichan Bay

I love to paint as well and sell my art at the store

Have been in retail 10 years and for the last 4 have pursued interior design and home staging

Took a redesign and home staging course in Victoria and studied under Val Sharp and was certified, then took a colour consultation course through the Canadian redesign association and was certified. My retail store, which includes furniture and home décor, led into design jobs from colour consultations to choosing flooring cabinetry countertops paint colours to furnishing and decorating entire homes top bottom, as well as designing Vacation rental property spaces. 

I choose a relaxed beach aesthetic for my designs although sometimes I take on projects from modern industrial to mid century modern. I am now choosing to take on projects related to my style as I love it so much, and I have the freedom to really be creative. I love what I doevery dayy and am always learning and growing as an entrepreneur and stylist/designer, life is never boring

Synopsis talk: “My talk will be my story and question and answer period”