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I graduated from Brentwood in the class of 2000, when Roger’s house was newly renovated, Brentwood added a third girls house (Gwenneth), and Ellis House won the Interhouse Sports Trophy. After Brentwood I completed a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, where I fostered passions for design, Aerospace and Clean Energy. Despite it being a difficult transition to narrow my education down to focus on Math and Physics, engineering proved to be an interesting and diverse field, with opportunities in many different disciplines. At Princeton I met my wife, and upon graduation we moved to Seattle where we now live with our two children.

I started my career at Kenworth Truck Company, as an engineer designing semi-trucks. I transitioned into the lead engineer for a robotic cab assembly line, and finished my time with them as manager of the Cab Structures design engineering team. A year and a half ago I joined an aerospace startup called Blue Origin, who’s mission is to lower the cost of human access to space by designing and manufacturing reusable rockets for space tourism. In November we successfully landed a rocket back on earth after a flight to space, and last month we were the first to fully reuse a launch vehicle and land the booster a second time. I am the lead manufacturing engineer for the New Shepard propulsion module, and the manufacturing engineering manager at Blue. I haven’t been able to break into the clean energy sector yet, but hope one day to be able to contribute to this growing field.



The topic I’d like to present on at Careers Day is product design and development. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off when a product that you have engineered is in a customer’s hands, or is pushing the technology envelope in a field test. It is in that moment where you forget about all the late nights and the hours of frustration spent trying to develop the perfect part, and get caught up in the thrill of what has been accomplished. I’ll give an overview of product engineering in the context of my own career in Automotive and Aerospace, cover post-secondary education and how to prepare for challenges you might encounter, talk about the transition to employment, and finally what the first 10 years of your professional life might look like if you choose to pursue a career in Engineering.


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