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     February 18, 2016

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     Retail Brand Director and Design Consultant

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Max King is passionate about surfing, tennis, snowboarding, beauty, art, design, plants, vintage furniture, books, friends & family, new experiences, functionality, beach combing, and fashion. He grew up in the mountains of Whistler BC before coming to Brentwood (House Captain of Whittall) and graduating in 2006. He was very interested and intrigued by the idea of individuality and specifically the role clothing played within it. He worked at several menswear stores in Victoria while completing a BSc in Economics from UVic, stores like Complex and The Four Horsemen (carrying big and small streetwear and lifestyle brands). After UVic Max moved to Vancouver and started working for an international menswear magazine called INVENTORY based in Vancouver and New York City. This was a very rich experience, learning about many personalities, brands, and products from around the world with an emphasis on quality and identity. 

He now works for California based company STUSSY and has been involved in many aspects of the business over the last 4 years. His role evolved from working as a sales associate in the Vancouver store to managing 8 stores across North America (New York, LA, Seattle, Toronto, Honolulu, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Guam) which required extensive travel. Job responsibilities ranged from Buying, Management, Staffing, Merchandising, Marketing, Branding, Selling, and Designing.

Max is Retail Brand Director and Design Consultant for STUSSY, he works out of his studio in Vancouver BC.



Are you are interested or inspired by the creative feeling? Are you passionate about design or style? Have you thought about what makes you consider a brand to be ‘cool’ to you or your friends? Are you interested in pop culture? Do you like art? I have a genuine perspective on the modern world and the aesthetics which govern it.

Working in the creative/fashion industry has taught me an incredible amount of lessons. Let me share some of my stories and lessons with you through my experiences in this industry. Let’s discuss passions and being a positive individual. There is and will always be opportunities to find or create a career for yourself that will be exciting and diverse!