Presenter details:

  • Date:

     February 18, 2016

  • Position:

     Rural Physician

  • Industry:

     Medical Doctor


Dr. Nancy Humber is a rural physician for the past 20 years working in a generalist scope of practice performing emergency medicine, maternity care, surgical procedures such as cesarean sections and laparoscopy, and office based family medicine.  Graduating from Queens

University in 1999, she completed Medical School in Memorial University of Newfoundland and a rural Family Practice Residency Program through UBC.  She completed an additional year of surgical training through UBC.  Relocating to Lillooet, BC in 1997, she has integrated into the community as a leader in health starting programs such as youth drop in high school clinics, outreach clinics to smaller remote locations, child and infant wellness clinics and health education in the high schools.  She is a administrative leader with the Interior Health authority as the Medical Director for IH West and has published numerous papers pertaining to rural medicine and models for maternity and surgical networks of care in Canada.  She currently works as a hospitalist in Victoria BC, a rural generalist physician in Lillooet , BC and is the doctors of BC representative on the Provincial Joint Standing committee for Rural Medicine and Provincial Rural Issues Committee



This will be a live presentation on the journey to becoming a doctor, the places medicine can take you, and the challenges and benefits of family practice.  It will allow students to explore technology and procedures with instruments such as a bladder scanner, simulation mannequins for infant deliveries with forceps and umbilical vein catheterization.