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  • Date:

     February 23, 2017

  • Company:

     Human Assets

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  • Industry:

     2017, Hospitality

An award winning and highly accomplished Hospitality Management & Business Development Professional with extensive global experience in the hospitality industry, food & beverage services, sports & recreation, business development, and human resource development. Some of my successful achievements are;

Achieved many awards for exemplary customer service and Revenue Growth (RevPar) as General Manager at the Best Western Plus Chemainus Inn, and serve as the chair of the BC Best Western Marketing Coop.

Operated a casual fine dining restaurant, as the chef and chief bottle washer (The Old Road Inn) which received excellent reviews in BCAA and Nanaimo’s More Living Magazines

Successfully rebranded a hotel after bankruptcy by developing a strategic marketing plan and redeveloping the restaurant and banqueting facilities. The rebranding saw a significant growth in revenue.

Founded my own recruitment company (Human Assets) which offered fee-based Recruiting and Consultancy services using the latest technology. Clients included Financial Planners, Transportation & Logistics, HR Solutions, Executive Placement, and Training & Development Companies.

Managed one of the world’s largest diving facilities – oversaw the daily operations of the facility, with 20 professional staff, and entertained up to 200 guests per day. Developed new methods of organizing and teaching large groups of students while maintaining a high level of safety.

 I consider myself to be a global citizen having lived in 13 different countries. My primary areas of foreign experience have been in South Africa, the Middle-East, Caribbean, South Pacific and Southeast Asia, Europe and Canada.


The many facets of Hospitality  (conversation)



Hotels, Resorts and Clubs

Food & Beverage


Facilities Management


Travel and Tourism

Cruise Lines





Promotion and Sport Management

Agency and Personal Management

Event and Venue Management

Fitness, Health and Spa Management


Entertainment and Leisure


Entertainment and Amusement

Theme Parks



Hospitality Information Technology

Logistics Management

Real Estate Development

Management Consulting


Human Resources




  • Hospitality education, diplomas, degrees & masters
  • It’s a varied industry
  • It can be high paying
  • There is huge growth in Hospitality
  • Easy entry level positions many with on the job training programs
  • Usually a peaceful work environment
  • Creativity is encouraged
  • Job Transfers and relocations


Job Hunting and the Recruiter/Headhunter

The Resume – A resume is a professional brochure of YOU, it must be impactful and to the point, in some cases tailored to the position you’re looking for. Most recruiters review a resume in 15 seconds or less.

The informational interview – A good way to get in front of a company/industry you’re interested in to obtain more information on what they look for, even if they are not hiring – but you might get noticed.

Online Job/Recruitment sites – There are many if not hundreds of online job boards like Monster, Workopolis, Indeed, ZipRecruiter etc.. Many of these sites use a “bot” an algorithm that screens resumes’ for the client. Fees are applicable but in most cases the employer pays.

Understand the difference between a company recruiter and a professional recruiter –  A company recruiter (or HR) is generally an employee of the company you have applied to. Whereas a professional recruiter/headhunter is contracted by a company to source viable candidates for a fee, that fee can vary between 15% and 23% of the expected annual salary.

What is a Headhunter – The difference between a recruiter and a headhunter is that the headhunter will keep a “stable” of good candidates on their books even if they are not looking for a new job. They will also follow their career development. In many cases, the best candidate might not be looking for a new job.

Selecting a good reference – Selecting a reference is important as they need to confirm what you stated on your resume to be true. In Canada, a previous employer cannot give a negative reference, if they can’t be positive they can only confirm employment.

The Interview and presentation

  • Be prepared, do your research
  • Well presented, dress professionally – above the position
  • Be calm, think before you speak
  • Keep body movement to a minimum
  • Understand behavioural questions