Presenter details:

Occupation: Machinist, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur



Peter is an entrepreneur whose path into the Renewable Energy Sector has been far from conventional, but ever so interesting. He did do all the normal stuff like UBC Mechanical Engineering but really only started learning and developing once he was in the real world of industry. He learned about the critical importance of energy in the pulp and paper business during his tenure as a young engineer at the Gold River pulp mill and at one of the pulp mills in Quesnel.

After leaving the direct employment of the pulp industry he went to Brazil to work for Sandwell Engineering on a new pulp mill project. There he learned some interesting business lessons on just how “business is done” in South America. He returned from Brazil to seize an opportunity to build an engineering consulting business in the heart of the pulp and paper industry in BC; Prince George. He can say that every project that he worked on was driven by energy and chemical efficiency paybacks. And this was long before the focus on renewables has come to the forefront of our everyday lives.

After building up the business in Prince George the company eventually merged with a bigger engineering company. That Company in turn grew even bigger and after a few years Peter left to form a small new engineering  company focused primarily on run of river hydro power. That eventually led to Peter’s present direct involvement in run of river hydro power from ownership to operations.


Talk Synopsis:

In his presentation Peter will show you what it takes to build a 100 M$ Run of River Power generating facility in BC.  He will demonstrate the diversity of expertise that must come together to make this happen. It is a world of opportunity for someone just heading off to University and trying figure out which way to go next.