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Occupation: Commercial Pilot



I attended Brentwood from 1981-1986 as a boarding student in Privett House. After Brentwood I attended the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, B.C. to complete my Aviation Diploma studies.

From a young age I had a passion for travel and getting into aviation as a career was a natural choice for me. Since becoming a fully-fledged commercial pilot in 1991 I have explored many different countries and also seen much of Canada and the U.S. – starting as a bush pilot in northern Ontario to operating trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights. I have 4 great children between the ages of 4 and 15 and an amazing, patient wife who understands that there are days in the month that I will be away flying while she holds down the fort at home- this occasionally doesn’t go over well when I have a layover in Hawaii or Mexico while the rain is pummeling our home in North Vancouver!

Aviation and piloting aircraft is truly a remarkable career that provides not only a solid living financially but also provides a life style with plenty of time-off for leisure pursuits. Within aviation itself there are many interesting avenues for one’s career; pilot management, training, safety services, and aircraft procurement and design to name only a few. Currently, and for the foreseeable future there is a worldwide shortage for pilots and pilot associated positions. Pilots starting their careers in the next several years will realize unprecedented career progression in whatever part of the world they end up in.


Talk Synopsis:

As I mention in my bio, there is a worldwide shortage of pilots with career progression at levels I haven’t seen before. I will be bringing in some ideas as to how a high school student can start on the path to their careers in aviation as soon as they graduate; these include Aviation universities, the military, Aviation colleges and private instruction. Many of the Aviation colleges in Canada have now partnered with WestJet (and Air Canada) in bringing in a “flight-path” program. The students will have options to have a specifically tailored program which brings in the best practices and standards of professionalism into their studies. I plan to provide some specifics and involved colleges in this program. I also have a short “day in the life” video to show the students – it has been well received in the colleges.