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As Manager of Planning Analysis I supervise 5 professional staff. Our mandate is statutory review, consultation and interpretation regarding Part 17 of the MGA and other statutory vehicles. I represent the Ministry on a number of cross-ministry initiatives and external boards, while ensuring the unit provides ongoing support to the public, the Ministry and GoA priorities. I am an experienced and well regarded manager capable of easily navigating government-wide resources, procurement, policy development and budgeting systems and proactively deal with human resource issues.

Systems Thinking – In conducting regional planning work on projects like the Capital Region Board, Calgary Regional Partnership and Oil Sands Secretariat I regularly use and share a risk and impacts analysis from a whole system perspective. My work entails Regional Plan evaluations, statutory review and policy development synthesizing complex fiscal, political and operational policy into approved regulatory and program actions.

Agility – Change management is a constant in government, given: on-going oversight; evolving procurement requirements, priorities, resources, project plans and consultation strategies. This has been especially true on Training and Review projects we lead. Flexible thinking and active stakeholder management has been essential.

Drive for Results – Using an established GoA network I Iead the development of cross-ministry initiatives to attain consistency, accuracy, efficiency and address emerging political and land assessment issues.

Develop Networks – Given the complex, multiplicity of planning work my team addresses I nurture and manage my robust network of MA, GoA, regional and municipal connections on an ongoing basis.

Build Collaborative Environments / Developing Self & Others – I foster excellence, hard work and professionalism in my team by encouraging new ideas, treating colleagues respectfully and supporting individual/career development.