11 brilliant speakers for this year’s event, from students to environmentalists, from neuroscientists to business leaders all offering insights to adapting to change…in many forms.


Caitlin WardropCaitlin Wardrop – Brentwood Student ’16

Caitlin Wardrop is a Grade 12 student at Brentwood College School. She has grown up in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, and is a passionate feminist who is very interested in women’s and world issues.  Caitlin also enjoys reading, running and performing arts. In her post-secondary studies, she aims to pursue International Relations.

Dr D'Arcy04

Dr. Ryan D’Arcy – Neuroscientist – Class of ’90 

Professor and BC Leadership Chair in Medical Technologies at Simon Fraser University and Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation and Head of Health Sciences and Innovation at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy is a neuroscientist and expert in translating brain imaging advances into healthcare innovations.

Dr. D’Arcy received his B.Sc. from University of Victoria (with distinction), M.Sc. & Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, and completed post-doctoral training in Medical Technologies at the National Research Council (NRC). He then went on to establish the world-renowned NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (Atlantic) in Halifax. As the Institute’s head and senior research officer, Dr. D’Arcy attracted over $50 million in investments in advanced biomedical imaging and established a critical mass of scientists, engineers, and clinicians focused on health technology advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological patients.

He led the local hospitals and the university towards “innovations from imaging” and has been widely credited for helping to catalyze Atlantic Canada’s thriving medical technology cluster. He has over 150 published works, has been named a “Kickass Canadian,” and has several emerging technology products to help people manage devastating impacts of brain diseases and disorders.

Dr. D’Arcy is the chief inventor and architect of portable brain vital sign devices, proven invaluable for evaluating major brain trauma, concussion, and dementia. He is an expert in advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG). He leads the development of an innovative monitoring application that helped Captain Trevor Greene recover following a devastating brain injury in Afghanistan. D’Arcy also led the development and pioneering demonstration of the world’s first virtual reality rehearsal for removal of a brain tumour. These brain surgery simulators, such as NeuroTouch and Periopsim, are now marketed and deployed worldwide.

Dr. D’Arcy has joined forces with the City of Surrey to drive the rapid development of Innovation Boulevard, which will focus BC’s technology sector into a global leader of health care innovation. Through partnership, entrepreneurship and new technologies, Innovation Boulevard is developing health technology solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in health care in order to touch people’s lives today.

IanHighRes small

Ian McAllister – Environmentalist/ Photographer

Ian McAllister is a founder of the wildlife conservation organization Pacific Wild. He is an award-winning photographer and author of six books, including Great Bear Wild: Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest. His images have appeared in publications around the world with a current feature on Sea Wolves in the October 2015, National Geographic magazine. He is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a recipient of the North America Nature Photography Association’s Vision Award and the Rainforest Action Network’s Rainforest Hero award. He and his wife, Karen McAllister, were named by Time magazine amongst “Leaders of the 21st Century” for their efforts to protect British Columbia’s endangered rainforest. He lives with his family on an island in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

John Helliwell TEDx2015

John F. Helliwell – Professor Emeritus UBC

John F. Helliwell is Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and co-director (with George Akerlof) of CIFAR’s program on “Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being”. He is also Professor Emeritus in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia. He was Mackenzie King Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies at Harvard in 1991-94, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and an Officer in the Order of Canada. He is co-editor of the World Happiness Report (2012, 2013, 2015). Web page http://faculty.arts.ubc.ca/jhelliwell/

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Andrew Will – Brentwood Student ’17

Andrew Will is a Brentwood student hailing from Red Deer, Alberta. He has many interests here at the school, ranging from musical theatre to debate. He is also a dedicated member of the Hockey Squad, although many would describe his position not as a left-wing but more of a left-bench. Being one of 60+ plus students from Alberta, he loves the temperate climate, but misses the piles of snow and the decent hockey teams back home (The Calgary Flames).


Silken Laumann – Olympian (School Parent)

Four-time Olympian Silken Laumann is one of Canada’s most inspirational leaders, a best-selling author and a highly recognizable and beloved athlete. Silken’s Olympic story is legendary and inspirational.  As reigning world champion, Silken fought back from a devastating rowing accident, to win a bronze medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

Silken is authentic and honest about her life journey. In her memoir, Unsinkable, Silken shines a spotlight on all the obstacles she has encountered—and overcome. Silken speaks candidly about her athletic success and triumph over physical adversity, but also the intense personal challenges of her past and the fierce determination she applies to living a bold, loving and successful life today.

T Hayes - Bio Pic

Therese Hayes – Brand Strategist 

Ms. Hayes passion for companies with a purpose and to surround herself with smart, creative and innovative people brought her to Luvo, a Vancouver based start-up company whose goal is to make it easy to make good choices by creating wholesome nutritious meals that taste amazing. Therese’s +25 years of experience in brand building through communication, PR and marketing spans from biotech to solar energy to black stretchy pants including leadership roles at lululemon (SVP Communications and Sustainability), strategic advisory roles at Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (also her favourite place to ski) and Day4 Energy (a solar energy company) and making the most obvious use of her university education by connecting the scientists with the money people on Wall St and Bay St in her roles of VP IR and Corporate Communications at both QLT (Vancouver) and SangStat (Palo Alto, CA). Ms. Hayes holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology and a Master of Health Administration degree, both from the University of Ottawa. Therese enjoys a wonderful west coast lifestyle with her husband and two children in Vancouver.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan – Brentwood Student ’16

I am a 17 year old student at Brentwood, this is both my first and last year and I’m looking forward to an amazing one. I’ve always been interested in science, in particular the medical sciences have always fascinated me. Growing up I’d always look for new science news and through all of that I found the amazing science of stem cells. Since then, they have been a huge interest of mine, so much so that I voluntarily did an extended essay on it. Bringing that interest and fascination to people who might not be so interested in science is something that I am really looking forward to with this talk.


Lauren Selman – Producer – Class of ’03

Lauren Selman is what we call in Hollywood a multi-hyphanate – producer, writer, director, actor, athlete, philanthropist, traveller, millennial. She produces movies, competed in Ironman Canada, lived in the Amazon, rode her bicycle 4,000 miles across the United States, was Miss Congeniality at Miss Malibu and is always gearing up for her next adventure. Professionally, she is a film and event producer with a purpose — to live life to its fullest and inspire others to do the same. She is the Logistics Manager for the The Academy Awards and has worked on The Olympics, Primetime Emmys, American Idol, Teen Choice Awards, Cirque Du Soliel, Blizzard and Riot Games. She is a dual TEDx speaker, member of the Association of Transformational Leaders and has spoken at the United Nations Association and at universities around the world. Lauren was nominated as a Woman Making A Difference by the Los Angeles Business Journal and her work has been recognized by The BBC, NPR, Business Week, and The Hollywood Reporter. She is currently working with Sundance award-winning filmmakers and producing her next film about millennials and how they are the generation that is going to change the world. She is driven by curiosity, is a YES to life and continues to inspire audiences to try new adventures and fulfill their dreams.

_REP0341Lindsay Bell-Etkin – UBC Student – Class of ’13

Lindsay is 18 years old and from Vancouver, BC. In 2014-15, she took a gap year to travel and work. Lindsay spent a month and a half volunteering at a refugee camp in Germany before continuing on with her travels. She’s currently studying International Economics at the University of British Columbia with the hopes of entering the international development sector post-graduation. In her free time, she enjoys writing and photographing the world around her.

DougDoug MacLaren – Talent Agent, Adventurer – Class of ’86

After graduating from Harvard University in Economics, Doug worked briefly in Investment Banking in Hong Kong before moving to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment business. He is currently a Partner and Head of the Motion Picture Literary department at International Creative Management, whose offices operate in London, New York and Los Angeles, representing talent in film, television, theatre, books and music. He was asked to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in 2004 and has served on committees for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Although he was once an avid rower and someone who still competes doggedly in triathlons, over the years, Doug has pursued a passion in more extreme sports – rock climbing, ice-climbing, whitewater kayaking and mountaineering. It has put him on the big walls of Yosemite, seen him atop classic rock and ice routes in Europe, and led him to solo high altitude volcanoes in South America. In 2001 after an expedition fraught by horrible weather and terrible tragedy, he summited Mount Everest in Nepal, the descent proving to be the most hazardous journey of all.

Lastly, Doug abhors writing his own bios, as first of all, he thinks it’s just weird to write about yourself in the third person and secondly, there is still so much yet to do!