Hailing from the coastal B.C. town of Campbell River, Liam is now in his second and final year at Brentwood. In his rather eventful 17 years of life, Liam has lived in B.C., Ukraine, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia. Currently involved in music, dance, theatre, and soccer, while managing a demanding academic load, he firmly believes in a philosophy of well-rounded education and does his best to live it.

The Talk: “Technology changes human behavior.”

We all have a little bit of Dory in us. We forget things, and sometimes we get distracted. But that inner Dory has become increasingly obvious since the advent of digital technology. Technology changes people. That’s pretty much common consensus. Thanks to a good book and some research, Liam discovered just how deeply this effect runs. In his talk, he aims to show you two ways technology has made you fishier, and what it means for you and the world.