Mary-Jo Dionne is an award-winning writer whose work was called “A masterpiece in urban satire that will have you laughing so hard you’ll glow,” by the Globe and Mail. As a dabbling comedian, she’s performed in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and LA and was a finalist for Vancouver’s Funniest New Female Comedian. Her one-woman show “Glowing: A Reproduction Production” was hailed as a “real crowd pleaser” by the CBC. In print, she has interviewed notable greats like Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Heigl, and Martha Stewart. She’s now taken her love for the art of the interview to the cyber-waves with the recent launch of “Tea with a Titan”, a weekly podcast during which Mary-Jo has tea with those people who have one thing in common: The quest for greatness despite the hurdles. Last year, Mary-Jo launched the Mary-Jo Dionne Productions Fund, which supports local children living in poverty or fighting critical illness.

The talk: “All that breaks isn’t necessarily broken. Fusing the shattered pieces with the power of perspective.”

Broken home? Says who?! Raised by a driven and incredibly forward-thinking single mom, Mary-Jo Dionne was led to believe one thing for the entirety of her formative years. Despite their $17,000 home in a low-income neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Mary-Jo’s mom would reinforce in her the daily belief of their tremendous good fortune. It was always – always – about the power of perspective. The power of language. The power of abundance-consciousness. In this 15-to-18-minute talk, writer-speaker-performer Mary-Jo will aim to pull back the curtain on how we define “hard times”, “struggle”, and “adversity”. As lyricist Leonard Cohen so brilliantly observes: “There’s a crack in everything. It’s how the light gets in.” After all, who says all that breaks is necessarily broken? Often times, the shattered pieces are actually that which, when fused together in a whole new way, make the most beautiful mosaic of all.