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Matt arrived on the Planet a month early, on January 19th 1968 in British Columbia, Canada. And he’s been running with a spirit for life and people ever since. For 30 years, he’s been helping kids laugh and believe in themselves, through the power of cartoon super hero’s – being the voice behind some of the worlds most loved film and television characters like: “Raphael” in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, “Tender Heart” on the Care Bears, “Soar’in” on My Little Pony and Dream Works/Netflix original series, Dino Trux, playing the voice of “Ton Ton.”

Another through-line of Matt’s life has been his deep love of running, people and our Planet’s health. Inspired by his childhood hero, Terry Fox – Matt declared he wanted to share his passion and belief in running’s ability: to inspire and empower change – standing for something much larger than oneself.

He co-founded Run for One Planet. And along with his friend and tour co-founder, ran their 11,000 mile message across Canada and around America. To inspire a continent to join together and help our Planet, through the tour’s Top 10 Action Steps. And their message – that small steps fuse together and add up, one step at a time.


The Talk: “You – the hero on a journey.”

You need not change your world in a day. Start off small. The thousand mile journey begins by taking the first step. We grow great by degrees. Small daily steps lead to stunning results over time.” – Robin Sharma
How does a guy who loves running, people, and our big blue Planet fuse all of his passions into one enthusiastic package? As the voice behind iconic and current characters like: “Raphael” in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care Bear’s  “Tender Heart”, and “Ton Ton” on the Netflix/Dreamworks series DinoTrux, actor Matt Hill has merged his deep desire to inspire a continent to believe in its collective power to heal the Planet, and he did it by running…and running…and running a few steps more.

Why? Because sometimes you simply decide to.

Then, you put your runners on, and run a marathon a day, with your feet and your heart and the power of these cartoon super heroes behind you, helping share your message with kids of all ages. And 369 days — and 369 marathons later — you’ve covered 11,000 miles around North America, and reached tens of thousands of students with the Top Ten Environmental Action Challenge.

Matt is honoured to be part of TEDx Brentwood College and to share a few stories and lessons learned along the way — from being an actor to being the planet-loving co-founder of the Run for One Planet Tour. His message? Believe in the power of your dream, and take it one step at a time. Because small steps fuse together, and add up. Matt Hill and Run for One Planet are the recipient of the 2016 Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal.