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Born and raised in India, Narendra came to the United States in 1986 to attend Brown University. After graduating with a degree in Educational Technology, he went to work at Microsoft Corporation where his greatest achievement was a kids’ movie creation product that was a commercial dud but spawned an avid fan group. While at Microsoft, Narendra was lucky enough to meet his wife, Machelle, and receive a stock-option fueled financial windfall allowing him to quit his day job. After an obligatory globe-trotting walkabout, Machelle and Narendra spent the next ten years raising children, renovating houses, and coming to the realization that our system of agriculture is broken, our economic and financial systems are a pyramid scheme, and that, between peak resources and climate change, our children likely face a difficult future. Unfortunately, these subjects made poor dinner conversation so Machelle and Narendra decided to devote their time, money, and energy towards an effort to reimagine our food system around the principals of Permaculture Design and Biodynamic agriculture. They purchased a 58-acre farm just outside Portland, Oregon and founded a vertically integrated food and agriculture cooperative that is experimenting with new ways to grow, process and sell food.

The Talk: “Sharing the surplus, a personal journey.”

Food is both literally and figuratively at the core of culture and, in an increasingly disconnected world, our daily communion with nature. Narendra will explore the themes of food, agriculture, wealth, love, investment and communion while sharing his personal journey from the high-tech world to farming.