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Ross Laird is a consultant to organizations on themes of personal development, professional mentorship, and whole-person learning. He works with a diverse range of clients across North America, from social service providers to educational institutions to corporations. He has worked extensively in the fields of addiction, interpersonal conflict, trauma, creativity, and healing. Dr. Laird is also a best-selling author of books on personal development, craftsmanship, and whole-person learning.

The Talk: “Big Problems: Small Wonder.”

The search for wonder has been the driving force behind all human development. It fuels our passion for exploring big questions and deep mysteries. It is the source of our instinct for discovery and examination. And yet, we live now in an age of the piecemeal wonder, the fleeting surge of distracted excitement we experience in our modern lifestyles and technologies. Amid this hectic and ever-accelerating culture, how do we stay connected to authentic wonder? It’s most often found in the quiet moments, in the spaces between things. How do we get there, how do we take the time to rediscover this most basic and essential feature of our humanity?