Saturday, October 15, 2016 – By: Cara A, Mackenzie ‘17; Photo by Linnea M, Allard ’17

In October 2014, the Brentwood community saw more than just the beginnings of a cold, wet British Columbian winter. The first TEDxBrentwood took place during this chilly and hectic month, bringing inspiring speakers from near and far to the Killy Theatre stage. TEDxBrentwood is the brainchild of Brentwood’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Ian McPherson. Mr. McPherson worked tirelessly with a group of student volunteers to make the first event a success, and his efforts definitely paid off. Two years later, the Brentwood community is approaching the 3rd annual TEDxBrentwood with as much enthusiasm and excitement as ever.

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas and concepts that strengthen a community. At a TED conference, leading thinkers and doers are asked to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less. TEDx events have the same foundation, but are self-organized. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers are featured to bring a local community together and spark important discussions.

Brentwood puts its own spin on the event by adding student speakers from the school into the line-up. This year, Gemma E, Alex ‘17, Liam S, Rogers ‘17, and Olamide O, Privett ‘18 were chosen to share their presentations with the world. The theme this year is “Fusion – Diverse Thoughts and Ideas”. Topics will range from how Art History applies to everyday life to how perspective can conquer the negative.

TEDxBrentwood is the school’s way of contributing back to the innovative world we live in. In a day and age where information is more easily accessible than ever, spreading ideas that are worth sharing goes a long way. With talks coming from Brentwood students, alumni, and some of the community’s most accomplished and inspiring people, TEDxBrentwood’s 2016 lineup is sure to be an eye-opening experience for Brentwood students and community members alike.

The process of putting on the event is a community experience in itself – Mr. McPherson’s team of Student Volunteers are given tasks such as organizing the livestreaming equipment to contacting local newspapers. The experience of being a volunteer for a TEDx event is not easy to come by for students, and the Brentwood community is fortunate to have that privilege.

TEDxBrentwood 2016 will take place in the Killy Theatre on October 22nd. Due to legalities with TED, TEDxBrentwood has a limited capacity, but the event will be livestreamed and each presentation will be uploaded to the official TEDx Talks YouTube page.

The full list of this year’s speakers is available at As the Social Media coordinator for this year’s event, I invite you to keep an eye out for upcoming interviews with this year’s speakers, announcements on the Brentwood Facebook, and updates from the TEDxBrentwood Twitter at @TedxBrentwood!

Cara A, Mackenzie ‘17