Originating from Nigeria, Glory is currently in her third and final year at Brentwood. At 17 years old, she has lived in both Calgary and Saudi Arabia, and since arriving at Brentwood, Glory has proven to be a passionate public speaker; each year, she has performed exceptionally well in the school’s Melhuish Poetry Recitation Competitions, as well the Melhuish Persuasive Speech Competitions. A young speaker with a bright mind, Glory shares a love for spoken word and slam poetry, as well as enjoys writing and playing the guitar. Dedicated to her crafts, she strongly believes in a philosophy of determination and takes each and every day head on.

The Talk: We Are So Much More

Why does it seem to be so difficult for us to leave our pasts behind us? In her talk, titled “We Are So Much More,” Glory speaks about her firm belief in the idea that our pasts do not have to indicate the road we head down in the future. She expands on the notion that, despite what individuals go through, it is never too late for us to rise above our circumstances, ultimately getting us from where we are to where we want to be.