Dawna Mueller
Photographer/ Environmentalist

Dawna Mueller is a photographer, philanthropist and conservationist who is
passionate about the planet. Recognized for her work in bringing attention to the effects of climate change in the world’s most remote polar and alpine regions,
Dawna uses her photography to illustrate both the majestic beauty of glaciers, mountains and landscapes, as well as the adverse impact of human activity.
Born in Canada but living in Switzerland for twenty years, Dawna’s interest in photography and conservation began while working in the Yukon to finance her
University studies. It was there she experienced the grandeur of nature and untamed wilderness of the Canadian Arctic. It was there that her activist spirit was awoken. Dawna’s recent projects have taken her to the Arctic, Antarctic and Swiss Alps to document the rapidly changing landscapes affected by climate change. Dawna is committed to sharing images of what she has seen in the world’s remotest locations in the hopes of inspiring others to take action to help preserve our environment. Her photos hauntingly portray what we all stand to lose.
Dawna has a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a JD in Law. As well, she
Studied Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris to nurture her creative side. She is a
Co-founder of a Swiss non-profit Society, Future Planet Forum, and is a Climate Reality Leader, Speaker and Member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Foundation.
To stay in touch visit, www.stopmeltingice.com