Michael Miller
Brentwood Faculty

Michael grew up in the non-wilds of Mississauga, Ontario. An urban oasis adjacent to his home, consisting of a creek within a large park, kept him occupied in his youth. A slow-burning fascination with birds erupted during his days at the University of Guelph where this culminated in a BSc in Zoology and where he was soon to meet his wife. A urge to migrate westward swiftly followed and soon after, he defended a MSc at the University of Saskatchewan, where examined the exposure of Bald Eagles to the toxic effects of ingesting lead shot. An even stronger migratory urge moved him and his wife to the wilds of Vancouver Island, and he continued his work as both a wildlife biologist and instructor in the biology labs at the University of Victoria. A teaching certification, two children, several mammalian and avian companion animals later, Michael has found himself at Brentwood College, where he hopes to instruct and inspire others in maintaining an admiration and fascination of the natural world. In his TEDx talk, Mike will present to us the utility and science behind the amazing, restorative and healing power which Nature has freely and efficiently provided to us.