TEDx Brentwood College School 2018
Coming Saturday, October 20th, 2018

THEME:  IMPACT. To alter life and how we live it

About TEDx, x = independently organized event

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Watch Session 1, 2017

Watch Session 2, 2017

Watch Session 3, 2017

Our 2018 Tedx Features…


Our 2017 speakers come from diverse backgrounds.


We are excited to have 3 current Brentwood Students speaking this year!


Once again we welcome Brentwood alumni presenting again!


 We have 5 exciting speakers from a diverse cross-section of industries!


Session 1 Timetable

9:30 am TEDx Intro Video and Welcome
9:35 am 1st – Maya Jenner ‘19 (10 min.)
9:46 am 2nd – Bruce Carlson (13 min.)
10:00 am 3rd – Qatuwas Jessica Brown (15 min.)
10:15 am Coffee Service / Photobooth

Session 2 Timetable

10:35 am 4th – Hamish Purdy ‘85 (13 min.)
10:50 am 5th – Glory Chima ‘18 (8 min.)
10:58 am TED Video
11:10 am 6th – Susanne Biro (15 min.)
11:25 am Coffee Service / Photobooth

Session 3 Timetable

11:45 pm 7th – Rafe Kelley (14 min.)
12:00 pm TED Video
12:10 pm 8th – Jemma O’Malley (9 min.)
12:37 pm Closing remarks speaker thanks and gifts
1:15 pm Finish Photobooth

Meet Our 2017 Speakers

THEME:  DRIVE. Provide the Energy to Set in Motion

Susanne Biro
Susanne BiroLeadership Coach and Strategist
Read More
Jessica Brown
Jessica BrownOcean Networks Canada
Read More
Bruce Carlson
Bruce CarlsonAuthor, Leadership Coach, Former Board Chair
Read More
Rafe Kelley
Rafe KelleyMovement Teacher and Researcher
Read More
Maya Jenner
Maya JennerBrentwood Student '19
Read More
Glory Chima
Glory ChimaBrentwood Student '18
Read More
Jemma O’Malley
Jemma O’MalleyBrentwood Student '19
Read More
Hamish Purdy
Hamish PurdySet Designer, Brentwood Alum '85
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TEDx Brentwood College School 2016 Video Gallery

8 brilliant speakers for this year’s event, from students to movie producers, from scientists to teachers,
all offering insights to DIVERSE THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.

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Liam Stevens

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Hailing from the coastal B.C. town of Campbell River, Liam is now in his second and final year at Brentwood. In his rather eventful 17 years of life, Liam has lived in B.C., Ukraine, Switzerland, [...]

Trish Dolman

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screensiren.ca  |  @screensirenpics Trish Dolman started producing in the mid-1990’s with award-winning short films and documentary television. She founded Screen Siren in Vancouver in 1997, and has carved out a niche in Western Canada as [...]

Peter O’Shea

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generalfusion.com Peter O’Shea was born in LA and grew up in Saskatoon. He received a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Saskatchewan and a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from MIT. Peter worked for [...]