TEDx Brentwood College School 2018
Coming Saturday, October 20th, 2018

THEME:  IMPACT. To alter life and how we live it

About TEDx, x = independently organized event

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Our 2018 Tedx Features…


Our 2018 speakers come from diverse backgrounds.


We are excited to have 3 current Brentwood Students speaking this year!


Once again we welcome Brentwood alumni presenting again!


 We have 5 exciting speakers from a diverse cross-section of industries!


Session 1 Timetable

9:30 am TEDx Intro Video and Welcome
9:35 am 1st – Grant Dillard ‘19 (9 min.)
9:44 am 2nd – Dawna Mueller (14 min.)
9:58 am 3rd – Michael Miller (14 min.)
10:12 am 4th – Sharon Selby (14 min.)
10:27 am Coffee Service / Photobooth

Session 2 Timetable

10:47 am 5th – Emma Mandziuk ‘19 (10 min.)
10:55 am 6th – Krishna Lakinenni(14 min.)
11:10 am TED Video
11:21 am 7th – Lauren McWhinnie (14 min.)
11:35 am Coffee Service / Photobooth

Session 3 Timetable

11:55 pm 8th – Lulu Jama ’19 (8 min.)
12:03 pm 9th – Tyler Wish (14 min.)
12:17 pm TED Video
12:31 pm 10th – Sarah Wolinsky (10 min.)
12:40 pm Closing remarks speaker thanks and gifts
1:00 pm Finish Photobooth

Meet Our 2018 Speakers

THEME:  IMPACT. To alter life and how we live it

Tyler Wish
Tyler WishThe architecture of impact in the 4th industrial revolution
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Lulu Jama
Lulu JamaAround the World On Three Trains; Cultural Diversity Within Communities
Read More
Emma Mandziuk
Emma MandziukA Rebound Follows Every Impact
Read More
Michael Miller
Michael MillerNature As A Healer
Read More
V Krishna Lakkineni
V Krishna LakkineniHope For One Million Kids
Read More
Sarah Wolinsky
Sarah WolinskyThe Thing With Feathers: The Audacity of Hope in the Shadow of Climate Change
Read More
Sharon Selby
Sharon SelbyThe Impact of Anxiety and What We Can Do About It!
Read More
Lauren McWhinnie
Lauren McWhinnieInvisible Impacts of Marine Noise on Southern Resident Killer Whales
Read More
Dawna Mueller
Dawna MuellerWhy Humanity Is On Thin Ice
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Grant Dillard
Grant DillardThe Importance of Civil Discourse
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10 brilliant speakers for this year’s event, from students to faculty, from biotech entrepreneurs to marine biologists,
all offering insights to DIVERSE THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.