Tyler Wish ‘98                           
Biotechnology Entrepreneur

Tyler Wish is a biotechnology entrepreneur interested in data-driven medicine and computational drug discovery. He is also an advocate for Canadian-led innovation and youth STEM education, and a former national team athlete (rugby) who received his PhD (medicine) from Memorial University. Tyler co-founded Sequence Bio, a privately-held, venture-backed biotechnology company that is leading the Newfoundland 100,000 person genome sequencing initiative designed to advance “big data” drug discovery. As CEO, Tyler was instrumental in forming the company’s foundational partnerships and raising $5M in seed capital from top-tier angel and venture capital investors in Canada and Silicon Valley. Over the years, Tyler and the company were profiled at numerous industry, investment and public-policy forums including BIO Investor Forum, The Precision Medicine World Conference, Canada 2020, and Bloomberg TV. Tyler has also played a role in the broader Canadian innovation ecosystem. He supported recent Federal Legislation (Genetic Non-Discrimination Act), he was a member of BIOTECanada’s Emerging Company CEO Advisory Committee, and he was appointed as one of ten Canadian Innovation Leaders by the Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. As Canadian Innovation Leader, Tyler worked with stakeholders to advise the government on policy that would enhance the competitiveness of Canada’s innovation economy.