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The management of student travel is an important task and related to student safety. Brentwood’s travel system in MySchool (Parent Portal) is designed to help the School manage student transport to and from Vancouver Island points of entry at the ferry terminals and airports over School breaks. As outlined in your Informed Consent package parents are given 2 options for the management of travel to and from the School.

Option 1: Parent Managed Travel

This option requires that parents/guardians book their son or daughter’s travel. Throughout the school year, parents/guardians need to login to our MySchool (Parent Portal) to provide travel details (departure, arrival times, and flight or ferry information).

This information will be used by our transportation coordinator, teachers, house parents and other aspects of the school operation to ensure the safe arrival and departure to and from campus.

Option 2: School Managed Travel (Marlin Travel Partner)

This option allows Brentwood to provide Marlin Travel with a list of students and their travel needs. Brentwood has partnered with Marlin Travel to ensure the safety of your son or daughter.

Parents still need to log into MySchool (Parent Portal) and enter their child’s travel information. Marlin Travel will connect with parents/guardians who select this option to manage flights to ensure cost effective travel options.

Lisa Dawson
Marlin Travel
Phone: 250-748-2594 toll free: 1 800-748-2594
Email: Lisa.dawson@marlintravel.ca

There are several resources available to parents/guardians to help in the process of booking travel which can be found on the School Documents site.

School Documents

Important Note: The Air Canada Student Pass linked below is a great deal when it comes to booking the more expensive times of the year like Christmas Break and Spring Break http://www.aircanada.com/en/offers/air/student_passes/student_passes.html