The following are a number of frequently asked questions regarding the travel system.
How do I enter our travel information?
Login to MySchool
Click Travel System on the left hand navigation to enter your travel details for this travel period.
Video tutorial of how to enter travel data is available by visiting this link: http://screencast.com/t/ZVWxdTOXnn
Why is the cut-off date way before the actual travel time?
The cut-off date is usually 4 days before the leave date. Time is needed before the leave date to sort the travel and arrange the buses, as well as leave some time to edit leave time should it be necessary. Houseparents also need these days in order to confirm that the students in their house have travel plans and have time to follow up with those that do not.
How do I arrange my child’s travel after the cut-off has passed and I am locked out?
Email or phone reception: travelquestions@brentwood.bc.ca or call 250-743-5521
When will my child know what bus he/she is on?
By logging into MySchool, clicking on the ‘Travel System’ link on the left hand side of the page, then selecting the upcoming break. Your child’s leave time is listed under ‘Dropdown-time’. If there is no time showing, this means your child might be leaving early and the parent is then responsible for transportation.
What if I need my child to leave early/return late?
Approval must be given by the Houseparent and Marius Felix first at marius.felix@brentwood.bc.ca. Then it is the parents/guardians responsibility to arrange transportation to or from the airport/ferry etc.
How will I know if there is a bus for my child?
You can confirm that there is a bus by logging into MySchool and checking that a leave time from the school has been entered.
Why am I receiving numerous emails to enter my child’s travel information when I already have?
We apologize for this, but unfortunately MySchool sends reminders to all parents.
Why am I getting an email that my child’s travel has been changed?
If your child is leaving on the posted leave dates, a leave time from the School is entered by the travel department. When we ‘save’ this time an email is sent to the person who entered the travel information into MySchool. This is the system’s way of informing you that we have your child’s travel plans and that transportation is being arranged. You might receive more than one of these emails as there are times when we need to make changes to the leave time.
What do I do if my child’s flight is delayed?
Please contact Reception (1-250-743-5521) so that they can let the appropriate bus driver know to expect your child