Vacation Program

Families are responsible for organizing travel and accommodation for their children for the major school holidays in December, and at Spring Break.  However, we understand this can prove more difficult for families living at a great distance from Brentwood for the shorter breaks. To address this the school has a Vacation Program which is designed to facilitate the identification of host families for students who live too far away from school to travel home.

Midterm Breaks: The longer midterm breaks provide most of our students the ability to get home. This is not always the case for many international students; for these students, the school often has various trips and activities available at additional cost. Should there be no trips planned the Vacation Program is available.

Short Breaks and Long Weekends: During the shorter breaks and the occasional long weekends offered to our students they are expected to find accommodation with friends and family.  However, the Vacation Program is available for those who need assistance but, If the school is unable to find a host family, the school will remain open and your child will be taken care of here on the campus.

Any questions pertaining to our Vacation Program can be directed to our Assistant Head of School, Marius Felix. (